A survey Multitool. With simplicity in mind.

The GEP 4/2 is a survey drone designed from the ground up to carry the DualCam module, allowing it to capture pictures in both Visible and Near-Infrared simultaneously, making it suitable for a variety of different tasks. From Precision Agriculture and Forestry to Construction work and Engineering. The 4/2 does it all.

Utilising the powerful Arducopter Autopilot, along with our easy to use application and tablet, planning and conduction your survey flight becomes a breeze! Multiple built-in safety features and functions ensure a care-free, effortless operation.

Robust Design

Robust and lightweight construction made by the use of advanced 3D printing technologies.

High Precision GPS

The GEP 4/2 comes equipped with a state-of-the-art GLONASS - GPS receiver for Pinpoint position accuracy.

camera control

Capture both visible light and Near-infrared images simultaneously. Control capture settings effortlessly though the tablet.

Lightweight 3D Printed Frame

High Efficiency Motors

High Density LiPo Battery


Low Battery RTH

2-stage GeoFence Protection

Overlap/Sidelap Control

Flight alt. 20-120m

915, 433MHz versions

Fast deploy, precise results

Our Tower app allows you to plan your next survey flight with precision while making your flight as simple as tapping a few buttons.

Plan your flight in seconds

With the intuitive Tower application you can quickly and precisely plan your survey. Simply select the area you need mapped and the settings that suit your needs. Save your flights for future use and replicate them accurately.

  • Hatch Angle
  • Flight Altitude
  • Picture Overlap/Sidelap
  • See GSD, picture number and other info as you change settings

Monitor your flight

Take-off with just a tap! While in flight monitor over 10 critical parameters and be alerted if anything is out of the ordinary. If needed you can cancel your flight and return-to-home in a breeze.

  • Battery Percentage
  • Flight Altitude/Attitude
  • GPS Quality
  • Actual Flight path vs Planned
  • Various flight warnings, notifications and much more

Optimized performance

Outstanding flight performance, stability and picture quality thanks to powerful 32-bit hardware and independent 16MP CMOS cameras – A capable survey drone.

One flight twice the data

Carrying two independent 16.1MP CMOS cameras it captures both Visible RGB and Near-infrared spectrums simultaneously. Thanks to the separate sensors and optics it provides crystal-clear and unbiased results.

  • 16.1MP x 2
  • Full-size CMOS sensor
  • Automated shutter triggering
  • .raw format support
  • Shutter variation* <60ms

Custom spectrums available too – contact us for special requests.

*Refers to the max. discrepancy between the two cameras

All you need, safe and protected

The GEP4/2 comes in a complete package with all the equipment you need to get surveying. In a rugged, shock-proof case that keeps your system protected.

What’s in the box :

  • The Drone
  • 2x Flight Batteries
  • Charger/Power supply
  • 8inch Specialized Tablet
  • User Manual
  • Various cables and adaptors

The GEP 4/2 drone in Precision Agriculture

The GEP 4/2 stands out from other drones due to is very easy and user friendly operation, its unique stability under unfavourable wind conditions, the continuous software updates and last but not least, the timely and continued Customer Support for all our questions.

- Dr. Athanasios Gertsis
Professor / Dept. of Sustainable Agriculture & Management
at PERROTIS COLLEGE / American Farm School of Thessaloniki

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